What does the “queue” mean?

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System queue

You may have noticed, after you upload your images that they are added to a queue. This number can be very low when you first upload but get higher even after you upload. What does this mean?

  • The queue is the total number of spheres that are being uploaded at any given time.
  • If the number increases after you have uploaded this just means that more images have been added to the queue AFTER yours by someone else in your area.
  • The number should eventually go down as images are being processed.

But what does “processing” actually do?

After you have uploaded your images, the images need to be “processed” by us to make sure they fit into the player and work on all devices. It needs to create a “featured” image for example that works on social media, then another size image that works for Google etc. etc. All in all, the processor has to cut your image in over 100 pieces!

If your image is very large (e.g. 6MB or more) the processor will need more time as it needs to process and save all of the variations of that 1 image.

So imagine you have 20 spheres in your tour, this means we will have to create over 2000 variations of those images.

Luckily we have very fast (and multiple) processors, so the whole process should take less than 1 minute per image.

What if it takes longer to process my images?

If your images are taking too long and the queue is not going up or down, please try the following:

  1. Refresh the page you are on – it may be that the images are already done, but stuck in your browser cache
  2. Open a chat support ticket if you see the queue is very long – we can prioritise spheres of paid user accounts

Do I have to wait for the process to finish?

No! You can simply close your browser or work on another tour while you wait for the images to process. You don’t have to sit and wait for them to finish.

How can I save time with this

Use the My360 app! Once you have taken the photo’s and while still on location, upload your images there and then using the My360 app. By the time you are back at the office, your images will have processed and you are ready to go and build your tour!

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