How do I switch to Hosting Only?

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If you cancel your subscription your tours will no longer be live online and we will automatically delete your tours from the system after 30 days.
However, you can subscribe to a “Hosting Only” account*.

The cost is 1€ (or 1 US$ or 1£) per tour per year (with a minimum fee of 10€ / 10 US$ / 10£)**.

Hosting Only means your tours will remain live but you will no longer have access to your My360 account to create new tours or edit existing tours.

To gain access to your My360 account again in the future you simply email us and we will send you a link to re-subscribe and reactivate your account.

To switch to a “Hosting Only” account, please email [email protected]

*Hosting Only is NOT available for Education or Single Tour accounts. All other accounts can switch to “hosting only” when they like.

** Every time you switch from your active to “Hosting only” account, you will be charged “Hosting only” fees – even if you have previously switched to Hosting Only in that year.

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