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If your video chat does not show in your main menu please check the following before contacting support:

  1. Is the video chat installed in your account? (go to addons > browse > if it says “manage” next to the video chat, then it is installed, if it says “install” then it is not installed)
  2. Log out and back in again to see the changes after a recent install
  3. If you are a photographer for someone else, make sure the admin of the account has given you permission to use the video chat (They need to go to Addons > browse > click on “manage” on the video chat addon and activate the checkmark next to your name )
  4. If you have a photographers account, the Video Chat will not show. It is only available for Real Estate, Dealerships or Interior Design accounts. If your client wants to use the Video Chat they need to create an account for themselves as any of those types.
  5. If you have a “hosting only” account, the Video Chat is not available for free, but you may be able to pay for the use of the video chat. Please contact support.


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