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Example Tours

Below are some example virtual tours built with the My360 Virtual Tour Software. Each of these tours is using different features, all features of these tours are included in all plans for free.

These tours have been built by users of the My360 Software some of whom are novices to the virtual tour world, others that are professional photographers, but all with the same thing in common… they know how to make fantastic virtual tours!

Using Text/Image Pop-Up Hotspots

How to – click here

Using Video Intro’s

How to – click here

Using Floorplans

How to – click here

Using Video Pop-Up

How to – click here

Using GIF Images

How to – click here

Using Tiny Planet Intro

Refresh page to view tiny planet

Using Force Contact Form

Click on two hotspots to force contact form

No Hotspots – let the tour play by itself

Auto rotate, clean tour – all icons hidden

Floating Hotspots On User Interaction

Hover over the image to see the hotspots appear

Floating Hotspot with “Google” arrow effect

How to – Click here

Fixed 3D floating hotspot

How To – Click here

Combination of 2 hotspots

How To – Click here

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