How do I start my virtual tour with a video intro?

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Click on the profile of the tour

Click on the tab “virtual tours” & click “edit” next to the tour you wish to edit

Go to your Tour Settings


Choose the tab “settings”


Choose a video player:

Choose the time you want this video to play

For example, if you want the video to play for 5 seconds before the virtual tour starts, then set this t0 5. If you leave this empty it will play the complete video.

Add the video ID

For YouTube videos the ID is the last part of the URL of the video (so not the entire URL)

So if your video URL looks like this:


or like this:


Then the ID is: n3ALyGfjq20

For Vimeo videos you have to use the middle ID number, so if your link is this:


The ID is: 396290239

Put that ID in the box, like so:

Click save and then publish to view your tour

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