How to start my tour with a normal image (not 360º)

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You can’t move from a 360º image into a “normal” square image – that’s just not how the world works. But you CAN start your tour with a normal image (or add it anywhere in your tour) by using a 360º background.

The result would be something like this:


Watch this video to learn how to do that:


Here’s a recap:

Create a background 360º image: Size 6000 x 3000 px and minimum 4MB (any lower and they will not upload)

If you’re note sure how to create images, you can download a selection of pre-made images in a zip file here (clicking this link will start downloading the ZIP file with images immediately)

Upload the background 360 image and wait for the processor to finish

Open your tour editor

Add the background image to the tour & make it the “start” image (optional)

Add “single” images to the background sphere

Make sure to activate “3D”

Add some text (optional)

Add hotspots to the single images


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