Force contact form with maximum clicks

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To enable the “maximum clicks” feature that forces your virtual tour viewer to complete a contact form before they can see more of the virtual tour follow the following steps:

Edit the virtual tour you are working on

Force contact form

In the tour editor, click on “settings”

Force contact form

In the main menu, scroll down and set the amount of clicks your visitor can make before the contact form is shown

e.g. if you set this to 3 clicks, they can not view more than 3 scenes in your virtual tour

Force contact form


By default, the email address in your default settings will be used. If you wish to use a different email address (or have multiple) then you need to click on “overwrite defaults” and set the emails there. Keep in mind, if you “overwrite” the defaults, you need to set all of your tour settings again. (color, animations, transitions etc)

Force contact form

Force contact form



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