How do you add a video chat to your virtual tour

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You can add a video chat to your virtual tour using the following steps:

Watch the video here:

Here’s the same but with pictures:

Activate the Video Chat AddOn

Click on “addons & then “browse”


Choose the “live video chat” addon and click on “install” and confirm the installation

Choose the photographers that will have access to the Video Chat (optional)

Click save


Log out and back in again to start using the Live Video Chat

First click on the virtual tour you would like to activate the chat on

MM Management > Overview

Click on the tour

Click on the tab “virtual tours”

Activate the chat on the tours you wish to use in the chat

You can activate the video chat on as many tours that you wish, and give access to multiple photographers, however 1 photographer can only have 1 conversation at a time inside the chat system. 

When the chat icon is green it is enabled. Hoever over the icon to see the status and click on it to change the status.

When the chat icon is grey it is disabled, hover over it to see the status, click on it to change the status.

Copy the virtual tour link to send to your client

Click on “video chat” in the menu bar

You will now see your tour in the right sidebar, active users in the center and active or closed chats in the left sidebar.

Activate your online status for the tour you wish to use (you can activate multiple if you wish) and wait for your client to access the tour and start a chat. (send them the link you copied in previous steps).

Once the client comes online you will see this in the center of your screen

The left panel will show your active & closed conversations.

You can only chat to people that are active (green). You have to wait until your user initiates the conversation.

Click on the “chat” icon next to the “active user to start a chat.

Click on the chat icon next to the users name to chat with them.

Tell the user to click the “video chat” icon

The user can now click on the “video” icon to start the video chat with you. (Below image is what the user sees)

You will hear a ringing sound and should see the “accept” or “decline” buttons in the center screen of the chat.

Click on “accept”

Your screen should change into the virtual tour that your client is viewing.

Both your videos should start and you can hear each other.

You can stop your video, mute the sound, start a chat or terminate the call

To control what the client sees: Click on the arrows in the top center


To Let the client has control: Click on the “eye” icon in the top center


To close this tour: click on the X in the top center of your screen.

You will be directed back to the main video chat window.

When you close the main video chat window, your status will automatically set to “offline”. Your clients will see an offline message and they can leave an offline chat but they can not initiate a call.




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