How to embed a virtual tour

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WIX users might find they can’t embed the tour on their website because they have the free version of WIX – make sure you have a paid version of WIX and you will be able to add your tour to your WIX website too.


1. Click on”iframe” in the tab”virtual tours”

    • Navigate to the Virtual Tours Tab and click on “iframe”

2. Copy the embed code

3. Go to your website (or send the code to your webmaster) and paste it into your page

    • For wordpress, make sure you paste it in the “text” version of your site:

    • Sometimes a theme already has a place to put the tour, you can then paste the code there:


Not sure how all this works? Ask our support staff! They are happy to assist for FREE and teach you how to embed your virtual tour on your website in minutes!
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