How to make my tours white label? (Advanced White Label)

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Advanced White Label is free included in all photographer accounts.  All other accounts can install white label for a small yearly fee. Advanced white label will change the domain of your tours to your OWN domain. For example

Basic White Label is FREE for all users. Basic white label is still white label but using one of our generic accounts. Basic white label does not involve any complicated settings or configurations. If you are looking for the basic white label, please click here to read the article. 

Here’s how to install the Advanced White Label

  1. Buy a domain or use an existing domain you already own.

    • If you already have a website, you can use that domain too!
    • You can use either the top level domain ( or a sub domain (e.g. You only use a top level domain if you will never add a website to that domain.
    • You can purchase domains on Siteground
  2. Create a subdomain (optional)

    • If your top level domain is already in use, or you want to use it in the future for a website, you should create a subdomain for your virtual tours.
    • A subdomain could be:, etc.
    • A subdomain is created either in C-Panel (if your site is already hosted somewhere) or with your domain registrar.
    • If you are not sure how to create a subdomain, please ask our support, and we can do it for you. In this case you have to provide us with the login details for your hosting or domain company.
  3. Point the subdomain or domain to our server

    • Point only the A-record to our server using the server address shown under “description” in your addon management
    • You can change the A-record in the same place where you created the subdomain or domain
    • You can only have one A-record pointing to a server – if there is already an A-record set, you need to delete that one first
    • There should be no AAA records on your domain. If you have them set, you will need to delete them
    • If you are not sure how to point your domain or subdomain to our server, please ask our support, and we can do it for you. In this case you have to provide us with the login details for your hosting or domain company.
  4. Make sure your domain has an SSL certificate

    • My360 forces SSL (redirecting to https) – therefore, if you don’t have SSL installed, your white label tours will show a warning that this site is not safe.
    • You can install SSL on your domain by speaking to your domain registrar or by installing a certificate in your hosting company. Many hosting companies will install this for free (ask for Let’s Encrypt) or for a small fee.
  5. Go to “Addons” and click on “Install” under “Advanced White Label”

  6. Click on “Add New Domain”

  7. Complete the details and send the form for approval.

  8. Wait up to 72 hours

    • Yes it really can take up to 72 hours before an A-record is resolved – there’s nothing we can do about that unfortunately – the speed depends on your domain host.
    • You can check if your a-record has resolved by following this link and adding your own domain in the search box: – if you see the same IP in all countries the A record has been adjusted.
  9. Share your virtual tours

    You can now click on “iframe” next to all your virtual tours to copy your white label link to share. The old My360 links will also still work.








If you are not sure how to install SSl, create a subdomain or point it to our server – we will do it for you FREE of charge. All you have to do is ask!
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