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A photographer manager is someone that manages other photographers as well as makes his own tours. This person can see and manage all the tours created by the photographers assigned to them, but they can not see the tours of photographers that have not been assigned to them. They also don’t have access to the admin features such as the account settings or billing. You can create unlimited photographer managers in any My360 account, however, you can only assign 1 manager to any photographer (1 manager can have 10 photographers, but 1 photographer can only have 1 manager)

Log into your My360 account

Click on mm management > photographers

Click “+ new photographer”

Complete the form & check the box “photographer manager”

You can always change the name, login, status, destinations etc, on the next page

Give the Manager additional access

You can select the following options:

  • Make them a manager (or remove this option if you don’t want them to be manager anymore)
  • Allow them to download the images you or someone else uploaded
  • Give the Manager 1 or more destinations where they can make tours in
  • Activate or deactivate the manager (deactivating will also deactivate the tours this photographer created)
  • Change their password & email if you don’t want them to log in anymore. You can also change their username if you want someone else to take over their work.

Now to assign the manager to a photographer, go to the profile of the photographer you want them to manage

Click on “assign to manager” and choose the new Manager’s profile.


To remove the manager’s access, simply set the “assign to manager” back to the default “–select–” and click save.

The tours will not be affected if you remove a manager from someone’s account.

If you DELETE a Photographer Manager, the tours of other people will not be deleted, but the tours they created in the Manager’s account will be deleted. That is why it is always recommended to simply change the manager’s login details so they can’t access the system instead of deleting them completely. 
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