How to add a pop-up video to my virtual tour

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You want to add a Pop-Up Video like this:

Go to your tour editor or create a new tour

Drag the blue ball to your screen

Choose the video icon

Activate “3D” (optional)

Change the icon (optional)

double click on the icon and then choose “browse server” to upload your own or choose one from our icon library

You can choose one of the icons from our icon library or just upload your own. Always make sure, if you want a transparent background, that your choose “original”.

Choose the video player (video or youtube) and insert the video ID

The ID is the last part of the URL of the video (so not the entire URL)

So if your video URL looks like this:


or like this:


Then the ID is: n3ALyGfjq20


For Vimeo videos you have to use the middle ID number, so if your link is this:


The ID is: 396290239

Put that ID in the box, like so:

Click save & then publish

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