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With the basic white label you can personalise your tour URL with your own name or business name. My360 offers the Basic White Label for FREE with any subscription.

Watch this video:


Here’s the same but with pictures:

Go to Addons > Browse

Addons | add a video chat to your virtual tour

Search for the “Basic White Label” and activate and install it.


Once installed, click on “+new” in the popup

Create new | Basic White Label Virtual Tours

Choose your name and choose a subdomain

If the subdomain name you have chosen is already in use by someone else the program will give a prompt for you to try again with a different name.

Name & subdomain | Basic White Label Virtual Tours

Change the status to “active”

Set to active | Basic White Label Virtual Tours

Click “Send for review” & wait for approval

We will set your domain up for you and install an SSL certificate. This process can take up to 24 hours, however we are usually much faster than this (under an hour).

You will receive aan email when the process has been completed.

If for some reason your subdomain is disapproved, you will also receive an email with the reason and how to resubmit your petition.

To use the new URL, simple go to any tour and click on “iframe”, you will see the new subdomain is now available to use as well as the original domain.

You can create as many free basic white label subdomains as you like.


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