About My360

What is My360?

My360 is a Virtual Tour Software Provider that allows its users to make their own virtual tours online in a quick and easy fashion and a competitive cost effective price.

Who owns My360?

My360 is a company owned by Plush Global Media.

The company consists of 2 owners (Lee Collins & Scarlett Smits) and has 20+ employees that consist of developers & customer service agents.

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Where is My360 located?

The Head Office of Plush Global Media resides in Málaga, Spain.

However, the My360 Partner Network is worldwide and we have “Local Experts” all over the world that can help you make the most of your virtual tours.

Other Plush Global Media Companies

Plush Global Media owns a variety of online businesses including:


The largest Google Street View Photographers Network. Members of the Plush Global Media Network are also called “My360 Partners”. They are local experts for the My360 software, they are professional photographers, they are Local Guides for Google and make phenomenal virtual tours for Google Street View.


A team of experienced online marketers and developers to help you be seen online and offline. Our team creates beautiful (and affordable) websites, engaging content, high performing SEO services and offline services such as video creation, designs and photography.


The largest online property portal that shows ALL properties with a virtual tour worldwide. My360 users can add their property to the My360Rea platform for free to give their property more exposure.


One of the My360 Software services aimed specifically at Real Estate Agents. This part of the software has been created and developed especially for estate agencies with the help of estate agencies. We listened to their needs and built them a niche specific version of the My360 software.


The site you are on now. It shows all the My360 software options for every niche and industry. The My360tours.com website is the main website for all the My360 services.

My360 Reviews

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