How do I make a Virtual Tour – A Step by Step Guide

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Follow this step by step guide on how to make a virtual tour using the My360 virtual tour software to create your first virtual tour. It’s fool proof and will get your tour live in minutes!

Log into your account (click on the login button at the top right corner of this page)

Click on “overview”

Click on “add new

Complete the form & select a destination (if applicable)


Click “add spheres”

Click “choose files”

Choose your images and click “open”

Click “upload all”

Wait for the upload to finish (IMPORTANT)

You can leave this page again when all your images have a check mark

Click on “view spheres

Wait until all your images have been processed

The upload can take some time sometimes, depending on the upload queue and how many images you have selected. If you don’t see any changes after 10 minutes, try refreshing your page, you should see a change. If not, please contact us using the chat so we can check if there are any issues.

Rename your images (IMPORTANT)

Renaming your images before you start building your tour will save you time in the long run so don’t skip this step!

Click the tab “virtual tours” and then + New Virtual Tour

Give your tour a name and click “skip & go (or watch the tutorial) on this next screen

Select the scenes you want to use in your tour & Select the start scene

Click on the tab “settings” and complete all the fields

Click on the tab menu and create a quick menu (optional)

Click save

Drag the blue ball to your screen

Select the arrow

Reposition the arrow in the side screen

Select a destination scene

Click “GoTo” (a reverse hotspot will now be created)

Don’t forget to re-position the “reverse hotspot” in the next scene – it might not have lined up 100%. Don’t like reverse hotspots? You can switch this feature off in your config & settings.

Repeat the previous steps until all your images are connected

Check if all connections are working (optional)

Publish tour

Click “Go To Tour”

You can share your tour in a variety of ways:

  • Click “go to tour” to view it in full screen
  • Click “copy link” to share the link per email or elsewhere
  • Click any of the social media icons to share direct on that channel (including Whatsapp)
  • Download the QR code for print
  • Copy the Embed code to add the tour to your website

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