How to add a floor plan to your virtual tour

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Quick Guide:

Don’t have a floor plan yet? Click here to make your own for free! 
  1. “Set North” on all your images (top right corner)

  2. Click on “Add Floor Plan (top right corner)

  3. Click on “Add New Level” and upload your floor plan

  4. Label your floor plan

  5. Once uploaded, click the floor plan you wish to use and select “add the level”

  6. Now drag & drop the the blue ball to the area where you want to add your hotspot.

  7. Choose the destination image and configure the colors of the floor plan

  8. Click “save & exit”

  9. Now go to your Tour Settings to turn on the floor plan option:

  10. In the tab “floorplan” – “enable” the floorplan to make it show on the front end

  11. Click “save” and “publish” your tour – and you’re done!

If you want your images to open in a certain view when the user clicks on the floor plan icons, make sure you have set all your default views in all your images. 

Your tour should now look like this:

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