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How does the “Default view” work?

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If you want your visitor to see a certain “view” when opening your tour, you would set the default view.

You can set the default view for each image. This means, when someone clicks on any of the thumbnails at the bottom of your tour or on the dot in the floor plan, they will always see the view you have chosen first before the tour starts rotating.

In the editor, select the image you want to set the default view for

Move the image until you find the perfect position and click “set default view”

Now when someone uses the thumbnails to navigate, they will see your chosen view before the tour starts rotating automatically:

The default view only works when someone manually chooses an image. It does not affect the “hotspot” view. So when someone clicks on a hotspot, they will see whatever you set as destination image view. Click here for more info.
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