How can I add a hotspot to my virtual tour

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Follow these instructions to add a hotspot to your virtual tour:

In the tour editor, drag the blue ball to your screen:

Choose the Arrow

Select the destination scene

Move the destination scene around so when the user clicks on it they get the best possible view (and most natural walkthrough)

When you click “save” now – the arrow will work.

You might also want to change the arrow itself! Here’s how to do that:

Change the “image” number up and down from 1 to 26 to see all the different arrows.

Once you have selected the arrow, your next image will use the same arrow, so you only have to set it once!

For more advanced hotspot settings, click here


Did you know you can set the arrow, colours, arrow sizes and animation in your default settings? Setting your default settings will save you lots of time and make sure all your tours look the same! Here’s how…


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