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There are many options regarding your hotspot settings. Here’s what they all mean:

Save time by completing the default settings of your account before you start making your virtual tours. This way, you don’t have to set the hotspots for each individual virtual tour all the time! Here’s how…

IMAGE:  change from number 1 to 26 to see all the different hotspot images.

You can also manipulate this tool dragging the orange line up or down in the circle


SCALE: Make the hotspot image bigger or smaller


ROTATE: Rotate the arrow left or right



ALPHA: Make the hotspot image more transparent:


Activate “3D”

This will reveal 2 more buttons

RX: Rotate diagonally


RY: Rotate Horizontally


So when you play around a bit with the RX and RY you can get some nice floating hotspots such as this:

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