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The Trisio360 LITE 2 camera has taken the world by storm since its launch last year. This camera with amazing 8K resolution delivers 32MP images using just ONE. SINGLE. LENS! 

Because of its “Noderotate” technology, the camera can only use 1 lens to rotate 360º to capture a full panoramic image. And this is why the company has been able to keep its prices so low! 

The quality, that and easily be compared to the Ricoh Theta X which is almost double its price, is simply outstanding, no stitching errors and thanks to the built in “AnyScene” technology, the image results are fantastic even in low-light situations!  

The Trisio360 LITE 2 developers have kept it simple.

No complicated camera settings, no ability to shoot 360º video or RAW. It does what it says on the box, and it does it all for you!

Stunning 360º photography without having to even think about it!

Their “AnyScene” technology is simply the best invention since sliced bread. Once activated, the camera will “scan” the room for light exposure, adjust its settings fully automatically, and then proceed to shoot the perfect 360º image. It’s really that simple! 

If you are a beginner to 360º photography, an estate agent with little or no 360º experience, a developer that just needs to make quick and good photography, this camera is the ideal option for you. 


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