Can I remove the destination label from my tours?

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The My360 platform is destination driven. This means that everything you do depends on the destination you have asked for.

For example, we give you a property map you can embed, this map needs the coordinates of your destination.

My360 is also connected to a variety of online portals, they also need your destination to determine where to publish your virtual tour if you published your tour with them.

The destination label can not be removed from your tours in some cases, and they can only be towns and cities so your viewer receives the right information every time.

In Real Estate accounts the destination can not be removed because these accounts are destination driven for third party portals.

Photographers accounts don’t have a destination. However these accounts can not be used for real estate.

Dealership & Interiors/architect accounts can have the destination removed upon request, these accounts can also not be used for real estate.

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