How to add/remove the contact form on my virtual tour

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By default, the contact form is “enabled” for your virtual tour and uses the email address you use for your My360 account.

You can “deactivate it” or change / add a new email address by:

  1. Changing it in your default settings
  2. Changing it in 1 tour only.

So let’s start with changing it in your default settings first:

Go to Config & Settings

Click the tab Vt’s

Scroll down to “Contact Form”

Show contact form on/off

Add/change Email Address

Click “save”

Adding your own email address here will make sure that all the tours that use the default settings have a contact form that leads to this email address. When you “overwrite Defaults” on a tour, this will deactivate the contact form for that tour, so make sure you add the email and activate the form in the settings of the tour again.

Adding a contact form for 1 tour only:

Go to your tour editor and click on “Settings”

Choose the tab “settings”

Activate “Overwrite defaults”

When you overwrite your default settings you may have to re-configure all the other features too as all features will now be switched off.

Scroll down to “contact form”

Activate the contact form & add an email address

You can add more than one by separating them with a comma

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