How can I publish my tours Automatically to my website?

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In order to automatically publish your virtual tours to your website you will need the help of a web developer.

We will provide an API key to publish the tour instantly to your website.

What you need

  1. An active (paid) my360 account
  2. A website with properties where each property has a reference number
  3. A developer to code a new script in your site
If you want to publish your virtual tour to your website manually and WITHOUT a developer. Follow this link

How it works

First you need to get your developer to write some code on your website that tells the site where to put the virtual tour after it has been published.

This is why it is important that your website works with reference codes – it is these codes that your site will search for once a virtual tour has been published to make sure the right tour is added to the right property.

You will also need to request to  install the FREE API in your addons menu. Once your API key has been activated you will be send the corresponding documentation

A good web developer can do this in approx. 30 minutes and should not change you a fortune for this. The complete documentation already contains a “sample” code that can practically be copied and pasted to your website.

What you need to do next

Once your API has been connected to your website, these are the steps to take next:

Go to config & settings & click on the tab “settings”

Give your feed a name

Click “save”

Go to your tour profile

Click on the tab “external feeds”

Add the property reference code (used on your website) and change the status to “active”

Choose the virtual tour you want to use on your site

You can choose 1 or more tours, depending on how your developer has programmed your website.

Click “save” and check your website – the result should be instant.

Can’t see the tours on your website?

  1. clear your cache
  2. Speak to your developer
  3. Have your developer contact us
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