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If the images are not uploading using the My360 app on your phone, please try the following before contacting support:

  1. Make sure the app has access to your camera roll (give permissions in the settings of your phone)
  2. Make sure the images are processed  (you have a panoramic “open” image – not 2 balls as image
  3. The images are not larger than 16MB
  4. You are uploading a max of 15 images
  5. You used a 360º camera to shoot the images (E.g. Dslr, Insta360, Samsung gear, Ricoh Theta etc)
  6. If you used an app to shoot your images – we only support images from the Google Street View App (360 panorama, P360 or 360 App are not supported)
  7. The image size has a 2.1 ratio (e.g. 6000 x 3000 px, or 5000 x 2500 px)
  8. The image size is larger than 3MB (if you sent these images to yourself using Whatsapp, they will be too small and it will not work – try emailing them with the original size instead)

If all of the above is correct. Also try:

  1. Uninstall & reinstall the app
  2. Disconnect from your local internet and connect to WiFi
  3. Disconnect from your WiFi and connect to your cell internet provider

Still no luck? Then try sending the image to your desktop and then upload it the traditional way using the desktop software. If this also does not work, there is likely to be something wrong with the image. Double check it is a JPEG, it is not larger than 16MB, but also not smaller than 3MB, and the image ratio is 2:1.

If all of this fails, open a support chat and we’ll help you out!

You can not make a virtual tour using normal photography. So if you made a picture with your phone’s camera app or even using the panorama functionality of your phone, this is not a 360º image and it will not work. .
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