My images are not uploading

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There could be a few reasons why your images are not uploading so check the following first:

  1. Are you still logged in?

    1. Close the page and log in again. The system logs you out when:
      1. You log in elsewhere
      2. You haven’t been active for a while
      3. There was an internet interruption
  2. Clear your cache

    1. your browser might have saved an error. Clear your cache and try again
  3. Are the images you are uploading the right size?

    1. Images have to be minimum 5000 x 2500
    2. Images have to have a maximum 16MB
    3. Images have to be a JPG or JPEG file
    4. Images have to have a ratio of 2:1 (e.g. 5000 x 2500, 8000 x 4000 etc)
  4. Are the image names using Alpha Numeric letters (no greek script for example)

    1. ΣΑΛΟΝΙ <<< this does not work – you need to use Alpha Numeric letters
  5. Are the images processed?

    1. Ricoh Theta automatically processes the images
    2. Insta360 ONE X – process the images before upload
    3. Samsung gear – Process images before upload
    4. DSLR – stitch images before upload

Your image should look something like this: 

If your image looks like this, it is not processed: 


If none of the above solves your issue, please contact support by opening a chat! We’re here to help!

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