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Processing the images can take some time as the software is generating various sizes of your image – each image is cut in to 100`s of images to make sure it is responsive on many devices so this can take a few minutes. It should not take any longer than a few minutes however. At most 10 minutes when the system is busy.

If you think your images are not processing, please check the following before contacting support:

  1. Refresh the page you are on

    • Sometimes the browser does not update the live page. Refresh the page, you should see your images are processing
  2. Check the processing queue

    • Even though we have various servers that process your images, it can happen that many people are uploading lots of images at the same time. The queue will tell you how many images are in the queue before you.

The system queue includes your images so in the above case, we uploaded 3 images, and there are 3 in the queue so only our own images were in the queue.

Once the first of our images started to be processed the queue went down to 2 images.

If the processing of your images takes MORE than 10 minutes, please open a new chat with our support team as there will most likely be an issue.


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