Why do I see 2 balls instead of a 360 image

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If your image shows 2 “balls” instead of a 360º image that means your image is not processed yet and you need to do that first.

Image 1: Unprocessed | Image 2: Processed

Each camera has its own procedure when it comes to processing images. Here we explain how to process your images with the 3 most popular cameras:

Ricoh Theta

You’re in luck! 🙂 When you have a Ricoh Theta camera the images will be processed immediately after you took the image as long as you have HDR activated. (here’s how to activate HDR on your Theta camera)

Insta 360 ONE X

  1. Connect to your camera

  2. Click on “album”

  3. Click on the image you want to process

  4. Click on “share”

  5. Choose “add to album”

Samsung Gear 360

  1. Open the 360 Gear App

  2. Click on the tab “gear 360”

  3. Touch the image you wish to process

  4. Click “save”

  5. View processed image under “mobile device”

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