How do I add a Google Map to my Virtual tour?

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You want to achieve something like this (click on the floorplan / map icon on the left) :


To add a Google Map to your virtual tour follow the below steps:

In the tour editor, go to Settings > Floorplan and Enable the Floorplan

Set “North” on all your images

Click on the Floor Plan Icon

Click on the “Map” icon, activate “enable map” and switch to Map Editor

Search for the address you want to show and select the pre-populated correct address

Double click on the map to add a new hotspot and configure the hotspot on the right

Don’t forget to click “save” when you have finished adding hotspots to the map.

Publish your tour to view the results (click “go to tour” in the pop up)

Select the floorplan icon on the live tour

Click the corner to make the plan large

View the map full screen and choose a hotspot to enter the image


You can also drag the pegman to the screen now and enter the tour straight from the street of Google! here’s how:


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