How do I add a virtual tour description?

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You can add a tour description with images, text & links to your virtual tour like so:

Click MM Management > Overview

Go to the tour profile

Click the tab “Virtual Tours” & choose the tour you want to edit

Click on the 3 cogs on the top left in your tour editor

Click on the tab “settings”

Add a tour title for internal & external use

Click on the flag to change the title for the different languages you have activated in your account.

Add tour description / text / images / links / CTA’s

Format your message:

From the top left to right:

Normal: choose the type of text and different headings

Size: what size does your text need to be?

A: Choose a color for your text

B: Make your text bold (thicker) 

I: Make text Italic

S: Make text strikethrough

U: Underscore

Ix: Remove all formatting in a text

1/2: make a numbered list

··: Make a bulleted list

Moving to bottom row starting from left: 

1.  Align text left

2. Align text center

3. Align text right

4. Add a link to your text

5. Remove the link from your text

6. Add an image

7. Add an emoticon

8. Add a special character




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