How do I add a start button to my virtual tour?

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Add a start button to your virtual tour so the tour and the page the tour is on will load quicker.

You can add a start button to all your tours by adding it to your default settings or to just 1 particular tour by adding it in the tour settings. 

***Adding it in your default settings:

go to MM Management > Config & Settings

Click on the tab “vts”

Activate “Activate Play button”

Click save


***Adding it to an individual virtual tour

Go to the tour and click on edit

Click the 3 cogs in the top right to go to “settings”

In the tab “settings” activate “overwrite defaults”

Now activate “activate play button” and click save

Note that if you use “overwrite defaults” in the tour editor, you will overwrite all your default settings, so you may have to set them again. (e.g. tour color, adding logos, tiny planet etc.)

Click here to learn how to add text to your Play Button

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