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What does 1 Office / 2 showrooms mean?

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The My360 virtual tour software includes unlimited virtual tours in each account. But to keep it fair (and the price low) you have to subscribe to 1 account per office. This way, if you are a franchise with 100 offices, you can’t just have 1 account of 39€ and make 1000’s of virtual tours. You need to have 1 account per office.

We offer special deals for large franchises so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to find out more.

Photographers who work for different clients will have to choose a “photographers” account to be able to make unlimited virtual tours for different clients.

Dealership accounts & interior designers or architects get 2 showrooms included in their account. This could be 2 car showrooms or 2 shops or 2 art galleries etc.

We have an automated system in place that alarms us if someone seems to “abuse” the system of unlimited tours so make sure you sign up for the right account before you start making tours, to avoid account suspensions.

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