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How to create a google analytics account

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To connect your tours to your Google Analytics account, you first have to create an account in Google Analytics.

You don’t have to have a website to check your virtual tour analytics and here are the steps to create the account:

Go to Google Analytics

Click on “start for free”

Create an account name (can be anything like “my virtual tours” for example)

Leave all the boxes checked – Click “next”

Leave the measurement on “Web” – Click next

Complete the details (it does not really matter what you put here, it won’t affect anything)

Website name: My Virtual Tours (or whatever you choose)

Website URL: (or anything else you make up)

Industry: (internet & telecom, or whatever else you want)

Region: Your region

Click “create”

Accept the terms & conditions

Now your account is created and you can copy your tracking ID to add it to your tours.

To find out how to add this tracking ID to your virtual tours continue reading THIS ARTICLE

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