How to add an image hotspot to your virtual tour

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You want to add a Pop-Up image like this:



Go to your tour editor or create a new tour

Drag the blue ball to your screen

Choose the “i” icon

Change the icon (optional)

double click on the icon and then choose “browse server” to upload your own or choose one from our icon library

You can choose one of the icons from our icon library or just upload your own. Always make sure, if you want a transparent background, that your choose “original”.

Activate “opens pop up”

Remove default text & click the image icon

Click “browse server

Upload your image (or choose an existing one)

Once uploaded – click “original” to insert the image

Set image parameters (optional)

If your image is too big, you can make it smaller, add a border, move it up or down or vertially

Click ok, then save & publish :)


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