Where can I share my affiliate link?

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You can share your link anywhere, but here are some tips on how to get more people to sign up with your link:

Sharing your link is great to create some additional income, but please use with caution. Don’t spam people or force your link on them! Make sure your link has some context, give out some free advice or tips sharing your own experiences. 

Use the “landing page URL” link to share – this will give people more information about what they are signing up for and it looks just like our home page so it will look familiar to them!

Share on Facebook / Instagram / twitter

  • Connect in groups about virtual tour photography or cameras and share your link there
  • Answer people’s questions about software and make sure to include your affiliate link
  • Post it on your own facebook timeline for your friends and family to see
  • Follow the tags “vr”, “virtual tours”, “360 photography”, “ricoh theta”, “insta360” etc.
  • Post a link in your instagram Bio

Share on LinkedIn

  • Connect with people in the photography / real estate business and recommend your link
  • Post it on your own timeline
  • Answer questions wherever you can with a link to your page
  • Join groups relating to virtual tour photography

Answer questions on Quora

  • Find any question related to virtual tours and answer them, adding your own link to the answer

Send out a newsletter

  • Have a large database of real estate agents? Why not email them with your link!

Write a blog

  • Do you already have a website? Then start a blog about virtual tour photography making sure you add the link to your page at every opportunity!

Make a vlog!

  • Start a vlog on youtube / vimeo and add the link to the description
  • Video is all the rage these days! So create some interesting videos about virtual tour photography making sure to add your personal link in the description, in the video, on your bio and wherever you can!

Write a review

  • There are many review websites where you can leave a review of the My360 software. Complete them all and don’t forget to add your affiliate link in the review!

Create tutorials

  • People LOVE free information  – if you are a My360 user, share your tips and tricks with your reader in video or written tutorials. Don’t forget to add your link to each of them!


  • If you already own a website – add some advertisement banners on your website with your affiliate link behind them! Especially on pages you know get many visitors!

Join different forums

  • There are many forums (like Reddit) you can join in the discussion. Make sure you know your stuff and share your link where you can!


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