How to publish my tours to Google Street View

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To upload your images to Google Street View you will need a photographer or partner account

1. Upload all your images to a new profile

2. Click on ” record order”

3. Select the images you wish to publish to Google

    • You can add a price you are charging the client or leave empty.
    • You can also add the clients tax details (optional) so it will be easier when it comes to sending an invoice.
If you can’t record cash payment, you might have forgotten to “set” the currency in your account settings. Do this first before you record an order.

4. Add the clients Google My Business Link

    • You can find this link by searching for the client’s business on Google Maps and copying the link from there.
If the client does not have a Google My Business link yet, you can help them set it up – you can charge for your time doing this, so it will give you more income. Don’t “sell” Google My Business Accounts though, Google does not like that.

Now your tour should be live on Google Street View within 24 hours.

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