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If you make sure the center of the first image of your virtual tour is the best part of the image, you will always have a perfect “featured image” for Facebook or other social media channels.

However, it does happen sometimes that the center of your first image is facing a wall or a bunch of cars – you don’t want that, so you can now upload your own “featured image” that you can choose.

Here’s a quick guide:

Use Facebook Debugger to check the featured image:

Go to  << Facebook Debugger >>

Insert your virtual tour link

Click “fetch new information”

Or click “scrape again if you already shared this link on social media before

If the image does not look good, you need to change it before sharing it.

In the “tour profile” click on “profile images”

Add your featured image

Click “save”

Go back to the Facebook debugger

Click “scrape again”

Now check this out….. BEFORE & AFTER:




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