How do I get paid?

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We work with 3 different currencies. Euro, Pounds or Dollars (US)

At this moment you can simply request a payout once your balance hits 50€/50$/50£ or more.

Balances of less than 50€/50$/50£ can not be paid out (be patient, you’ll get there!)

We currently only use PayPal for payouts and we need an official invoice from you to be able to send you the money.

Any costs incurred for making the transaction or converting it to your local currency are your responsibility (e.g. PayPal might charge a commission)

Your invoice needs to have your business details as well as ours and tax registration number, without those details, we will not be able to send you your payout.

You will receive our business details for invoicing upon requesting your first payout.

You can not merge balances, so if your account looks like this:


You will only be able to request a payout for the “Pounds” account.

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