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General Questions

To start your FREE trial click here, create your account and start making your own virtual tours straight away!

Yes! You can add your virtual tours to any website you would like. You will be provided with an embed code that you can use. If you are not sure how to use your embed code, send it to your webmaster, he will know what to do with it.

Alternatively, you can learn how to do it yourself by clicking here

You can share your tour using the link provided once your tour has been published.

Click on “iframe” and then on “preview” to find the link. You can share this link on your website, social media, Whatsapp or email.

You can also share the link by clicking on any of the “share” icons on your live tour.

Yes! 100%!

You can create 1 account per office (real estate, interior designer, architect or dealership) and within that account you can make as many tours you like! You can even make multiple tours for 1 property!

If you have a business that has multiple offices, we do ask you keep it fair and create an account for each of your offices. This way we can keep our prices low for everyone!

The My360 platform is destination driven. This means that everything you do depends on the destination you have asked for.

For example, we give you a property map you can embed, this map needs the coordinates of your destination.

My360 is also connected to a variety of online portals, they also need your destination to determine where to publish your virtual tour if you published your tour with them.

The destination label can not be removed from your tours, and they can only be towns and cities so your viewer receives the right information every time.

Destinations are not shown in the tours of photographer accounts.

In Real Estate, Interiors or Dealership accounts the destination can not be removed because these accounts are destination driven for third party portals.

Photographers accounts don’t have a destination. However these accounts can not be used for real estate – they are however fine for interiors or car dealerships.

Yes you can!

If you are a photographer and signed up as a partner (making different tours for different companies) then the White-label Feature is included FREE in your account.

If you signed up for real estate, interiors or dealerships, then the white-label feature is available as an add-on.

You can find out how the white-label works reading our documentation.

Yes! The floorplan feature is included for FREE in all accounts. Just enable the floorplans int he tour editor and upload your own. You can then add hotspots to your floorplan guiding your visitor through your property or business.

More information on how the floorplan works is available in the documentation

If you have more than 1 office, you should create 1 account for each office. However, we can connect those accounts to merge into 1 account so you have 1 place where all your virtual tours are. Please ask support for more information if you wish to take advantage of this feature.

Yes! The My360 virtual tour software allows you to create admins, managers and photographers so you can really expand your business of virtual tour photography and give your staff the right access details.

This way, when someone leaves you have control over the account and you can just assign their work to someone else.

Furthermore, this feature is great if you work with an off-site photographer. They can just upload the images to your account without having access to sensitive information.

Yes! My360 is open for users all over the world!

The software is available in the following languages:

Is your language not there? Let us know! We are happy to incorporate your language when you become a user too!

The My360 Virtual Tour Software is available in the following languages:

Is your language not there? Let us know! We are happy to incorporate your language when you become a user too!

There are no additional charges to the virtual tour builder but we do have some upgrades available.

These upgrades really are “luxury” items and without them you can still make awesome virtual tours that look great.

An example of an upgrade would be the White Label feature, which is included for free for the Photographers account but will cost extra in any of the other accounts.

If you cancel your subscription your tours will no longer be live online and we will delete your tours from the system after 30 days.

However you can subscribe to a “hosting only” account. This costs 1€ per tour per year (minimum 10 tours) and will keep your tours live online for a full year.

You can’t make any changes to your tours while you are on a “hosting only” subscription. To make changes you can simply subscribe to a full account for 1 month – make your changes and revert it back to “hosting only”.

To switch to a “hosting only” account, please follow this guide

You can find out what is included in your subscription by clicking on the account category you want to sign up for.

All accounts have the same advanced features and some accounts have additional PRO features that can be added separately to other accounts for a small additional fee.

Nope, you cancel your account at any time. No questions asked. We might shed a tear… but who cares right!

If you have subscribed for the year subscription, we don’t give any refunds – that’s why you received the 17% discount after all!

No, your tours can not be downloaded. They are hosted on our server that ensures your tours are fast and will never be down.

You can download your tour images at any time and you don’t pay extra for us hosting your tours for you unless you are on a “hosting only” plan which costs 1€ per tour per year.

Your question not here? Try our KnowledgeBase


To start your FREE trial click here, create your account and start making your own virtual tours straight away!

The price of the software depends on your account.

All normal user accounts cost 39€ per month for unlimited tours and including all standard features.

Only the account for photographers costs 49€ per month. This is because the photographers account has many more features to enable them to make virtual tours of many different companies with their own link, logos, styles and colours

If you pay for 1 year you will receive a 10% discount.

Click here to see the prices for all subscriptions

Click here to see the prices for photographers

Yes of course!

Please visit this page and click on “billing” to request an invoice. Make sure you send your VAT details in the email so we can simply reply with the invoice made.

Once you have requested your first invoice you are registered in the software and future invoices are sent to you automatically 10 days after your payment each month. So you only have to request your invoice once.

We’re sorry to see you go! But we wont hold a grudge and certainly won’t make it difficult to unsubscribe!

Simply CLICK HERE and sign in to your PayPal account so you can unsubscribe from using our software.

You can also unsubscribe inside your My360 account clicking on “account” and following the steps there.

Please keep in mind, when you unsubscribe we will delete all your data and that includes your tours, so if you want to keep your tours live then let us know and we’ll look after that for you!

The only payment method we have currently available is “PayPal”. We don’t support any other payment methods at this time.

You can use your bank account or credit card to subscribe and you don’t need to already have a PayPal account, simply input your details and PayPal will automatically create an account for you.

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can simply sign up using your credit card. Once you have completed your details, PayPal will automatically create an account for you. Inside this account you can manage your subscription, so it is safer for you to join us using PayPal so you are always in control of your payments.

Nope… you can start your free trial any time and we don’t require any payment information. You will be prompted to start paying when the 2 weeks are up, but that’s it!

Nope… there are no hidden charges, what you see is what you get! Hosting your virtual tours is included in your subscription and you won’t be charged an additional yearly fee like you do with traditional virtual tour photography.

Your question not here? Try our KnowledgeBase

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