How to hide the controls on your virtual tour

How to hide the controls on your virtual tour

The My360 virtual tour editor has many different features including a quick menu, floorplans, information box, contact forms etc. All these items are shown on the tour from the start of the tour.

Many users find this handy because it gives their clients easy access to all the goodies this tour has to offer. However, some users like to take a more “clean” approach and don’t want any distracting icons on their tours unless the client has asked for them!

So we went to work and added a feature so the user can switch the icons on or off – whenever they want!

Here’s how you do that:

  1. Go to your config & settings and click the Vts’s tab
  2. Activate “Hide tour controls on start”
  3. Now all your tours that use your default settings will have their controls hidden. 
  4. You can “overwrite” each individual tour by going into the tour editor and under settings click on “overwrite default” and activate or deactivate the feature there

Here’s an example where the first image is without controls and the second image is with controls.



Here’s the same tutorial again but now with pictures: 

1. Go to your config & settings and click on the Vt’s tab: 


2. Activate “hide tour controls on start”



Now all your tours, including all the tours you have in your account, will have the tour controls hidden providing you used the “default settings” for each tour.

To overwrite each individual tour to show or hide the tour controls, go to your tour editor, click on “settings”, activate “overwrite defaults” and activate/deactivate the tour controls like so:

hide tour controls



Great feature right!? We hope you enjoy using this feature and as always, if you have an idea that could make your tours look even better, do share it with us! We are always looking to improve our editor so it suits everyone!

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