My360 Partnerships with Charity Organizations

My360 Tours has partnered with multiple charities, providing them with our 360 virtual tour software to enhance their charitable programs. 

Find out a little about each charity we work with below and see what fantastic things they have been using our software for!

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Autek - Whats It Like?

Autek, together with Inter Activ, have created the Whats It Like program.

Especially designed for people living with anxiety, Autek creates virtual tours, informational and point-of-view videos that build a comprehensive view of different locations that can be used to get comfortable with a space before a visit. 

Autek Explains:

Our approach is a supported, step-by-step, experience gradually increasing the level of immersion to ensure that anxiety is managed and that the goal of attendance is achieved, and that over time our users develop new skills of managing their anxiety through the use of technology.

We had the privilege of speaking with Steve Bond, the director of Autek, to delve deeper into the incredible impact of this collaboration.

Read the article below or take a look at the Whats it Like? web app.

Click the image to see an example tour

Click the image to see an example tour

The Rona Sailing Project

The Rona Sailing Project is a registered charity and a volunteer-based Sail Training Organisation.

They run inclusive Sail Training Voyages for diverse young people aged 14 to 25 years old.

The RSP use the My360 Virtual Tour Software to create tours of their boats, allowing crew members to get a feel for the accommodation and layouts of the boats before they set sail.

Rona Sailing Project Explains:

Our mission is “to provide offshore sail training opportunities for young people and certain adults to acquire those attributes of a sailor, namely: a sense of responsibility, resourcefulness and teamwork, which will help throughout their lives”

The RSP run voyages for school and youth groups as well as for adults and young people, including those with learning disabilities, mental health issues, in treatment or recovery from substance misuse, and those who are living with chronic conditions.

Click the image to see an example tour

What the Rona Sailing Project had to say

I have just got back from my annual trip out with the RSP and during that time the virtual tours went live on the website.

The feedback has been INCREDIBLE!

I knew this was going to be a benefit to the charity but I did not anticipate such a response.
The feedback has also included how easy it is to navigate the interface so that credit goes to you and your team.

Partner with us

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Giving Back

Tour Credit: Autek, Whats it Like?
Tour Credit: Autek, Whats it Like?
Tour Credit: The Rona Sailing Project
Tour Credit: The Rona Sailing Project

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